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Dr. Siegmund Viktor Cierniak

* 8. Februar 1948   ✝ 21. November 2019


Our former president of the EFRC, Dr. Siegmund Ciernak has passed away at the age of 71 on November 21, 2019.

Siegmund was a founding member of the EFRC, initially being part of Wartsila Compression Systems, later with RWE Storage. He has been one of the most passionate supporters of the EFRC, leading it from 2005 until 2011 as the EFRC president. He stimulated us to involve young students and engineers into our business and recip community, and was leading the student workshops for many years.
He stimulated young people from eastern European countries, even from Russia, to participate our events and thereby growing the EFRC to a community of interest beyond Europe.


When I approached him this year to celebrate our 20 years anniversary of the EFRC with the board members and previous presidents including Prof. Will at our general assembly he proposed to organize a special gathering and diner to celebrate this. Unfortunately, he could not join himself this event just after summer because of his illness. That is when we learned that he might not recover anymore.
Even since we knew this to happen, the message came as a shock to us all.


We have sent our condolences on behalf of all members of the EFRC to his wife Ruth and his family. Furthermore our association spent 200,- EUR to the “Friedensdorf Oberhausen” in dedication to the deceased.


Let us all remember his enthusiasm, inspiration and his big smile that we experienced for many years even until very recently in the spirit of the EFRC family that he has always aspired.


On behalf of the board of the EFRC

Rene Peters




During many personal conversations, I got to know Siegmund as a warm-hearted man and a proud grandfather. Even in his retirement he always showed a big engagement for the EFRC.

Maja Schütz



I am so sad to read that Siegmund passed away. (…) We will keep fond memories of him.

Martina Frenz



I know Siegmund already a long time. When he worked for Wartsila, HGC and RWE we as TNO carried out pulsation and vibration studies. I helped him several years with the student working tours and we had a great time. He was always very friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful and you also laugh with him a lot.

(…) I regret that he passed away. I will remember him as a very special person (…).

André Eijk