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Precompetitive Research


In the Precompetitive Research Working Group forces are combined of all interested parties to solve or investigate problems which are beyond the scope of a single player. Topics can be basic or fundamental for the design and operation of Reciprocating Compressors and the projects are carried out at research institutes or universities. In this way the Precompetitive Research Working Group of the EFRC will serve as the scientific arm of the reciprocating compressor community.

The Working Group is open to all EFRC members and the annual budget is funded by participating members and usage of governmental and international funds. The results are owned by the EFRC and the research results are disclosed to EFRC research group members only. All members are obliged to participate in the meetings and are also asked to participate in research projects as project coordinator or Steering Cie member. With some research projects members are also asked to support the research supplying information and enabling tests.

The Working Group meets twice a year, a spring meeting is combined with the General Assembly meeting of the EFRC and a fall meeting. During these meetings the following will be discussed: status of active projects, new project proposals, new ideas for proposals, selection and approval of projects, financial status and member financial contributions.

If you are interested in joining the Precompetitive Research Working Group the following steps apply:

  • Become a member of the EFRC (refer to Application to Membership on the EFRC website).
  • Contact the Chairman of the Working Group to get an invitation for the next meeting. You are allowed to visit a first meeting as a guest.
  • Decide upon your company’s financial contribution to the Working Group.
  • During the meeting members vote upon acceptance of new members and their financial contribution.