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7th EFRC Conference

7th EFRC Conference

7th EFRC Conference 2010

Exchange of Experience and Information

Owners, operators, manufacturers and contractors, as well as scientists engaged in research, shall be given the opportunity to report on their experience with reciprocating compressors and to share solutions to industry problems.

Discuss Present and Future Applicability of Reciprocating Compressors

It shall be shown that reciprocating compressors meet all the requirements of modern machines and even offer expanded possibilities. Related research & development projects shall be presented. Proposals for pre-competitive research are welcome.

The Reciprocating Compressor and the Environment

Why Recips are the Better Answer to Compression Problems

  • Technology for reliability improvements
  • Technology for efficiency improvements
  • Case studies on flexible and efficient usage
  • Case studies on reliable usage
  • Comparative studies on different types of compression equipment
  • Trends in operation