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The Working Group Training focusses on organizing events to share valuable knowledge and experience between engineers dealing with reciprocating compressors.

Though the basic design of the reciprocating compressor may be considered as mature technology, domain knowledge on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of reciprocating is essential for its successful application.

To promote the exchange of knowledge and experience, EFRC initiates events where engineers from different disciplines meet in an informal atmosphere, to discuss the technical challenges, the state-of-the-art and future developments.

An example is the Conference Training that is organized on the afternoon prior to the official opening of the EFRC conferences scheduled every two years. This training contains lectures from expert speakers from the industry and is scheduled in a half-day session. For each training a different topic is selected that highlights a specific aspect of reciprocating compressors (such as capacity control, lubrication, pulsations or foundation design). In addition to the technical value, this training is valued by the participants also as an excellent start of the conference event: a perfect introduction to the social opening event in the evening prior to the official opening!

Another example are the Training Workshops organized alternating with the two-years-conferences. This 2-day training workshop is an excellent introduction to young engineers and engineers new in the field of reciprocating compressors. Nevertheless, we noticed that also experienced engineers enjoy this event, as an opportunity to meet other experts and to catch-up with the latest developments. On the evening of the 1st day, a workshop dinner is offered to have optimal interaction between speakers and participants. This event is open for all people interested (EFRC members benefit from an attractive entrance fee!).

The EFRC Working Group Training collects ideas for training topics, recruits speakers, prepares and distributes the training material, coordinates the publicity and the practical organization on the training venue. We are happy to learn your suggestions for training topics, events and venues and are looking forward to meeting you on one of our opportunities!