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Objectives Group

Objectives Group


Exchange of Information and Experience during the Conference The essential goal of the symposium is to create biannually a forum for scientists and engineers, engaged in the development of reciprocating compressors, to present the state of the art of these machines. Latest trends in design and operation of reciprocating compressors will demonstrate their comprehensive performance and proof that they have emerged to become sophisticated machines. Prejudices as mentioned above have become a thing of the past. As a “forum of ideas” this platform provides the opportunity to spread new ideas and/or to carry them out. Operators in their turn can take the opportunity to report on their experience with such machines and to request solutions to problems from the process gas industry.

Improve the Image of Reciprocating Compressors It will be shown that reciprocating compressors meet all the requirements of modern machines and even create new possibilities. Related Research & Development projects will be presented, and proposals for pre-competitive, common research can be made.

Improved Specifications and Standards The forum will also offer an opportunity for constructive criticism concerning the internationally used US standards. The aim should be to provide an interpretation and improvement of the above regulations adapting them to modern experience and specific European needs. Proposals based on scientific knowledge or practical experience will be presented and subsequently integrated into international use in tenders and final inspection.

Working Groups

The goals of the EFRC are supported by the activities of three working groups Precompetitive Research, Standardisation and Students` Workshop.

The working groups will be presided over by a chairperson appointed by the board of the association. EFRC members will be invited to take part in the work of these groups by sending delegates who are engaged to take part in the meetings until revoked. The activities of the working groups will be financed by EFRC membership fees unless otherwise defined; expenses incurred by the delegates will be covered by themselves. Results of these working groups will be presented at the biannual conference.