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EFRC Conference Training, September 13th 2018, Madrid


With more than 60 participants and an overall satisfaction of 4.3 on scale 1-5 the EFRC Conference Training was a nice and active start of the 11th EFRC Conference 2018 in Madrid.


The following expert speakers presented their topics

  • Niek Albers, Howden, The Netherlands (“Compressor sizing”)
  • Klaus Stachel, Hoerbiger, Austria (“Capacity control”)
  • Roberto Ravasio, SIAD, Italy (High-speed versus low-speed compressors”)
  • Greg Phillippi, Ariel, USA (“Drivers”)
  • André Eijk, TNO, The Netherlands (“Vibration control”)
  • Harry Lankenau, NEAC, Germany (“Foundations”)


Also the good audience from various countries and various branches from the industry made the event successful.


The next EFRC Training Workshop will take place again in Delft in June 2019.

News coming soon!


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