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9th EFRC Student Workshop

9th EFRC Student Workshop

EFRC Students’ Workshop,
June 14th to 17th 2016


by Dr. Siegmund Cierniak

Every second year a 4-day student excursion is organized by the EFRC. This year’s workshop started early in the morning at the Stuttgart-airport.

The first lectures about „Basics and Thermodynamics of Reciprocating Compressors“ had been presented by Rainer Weiss (MEHRER) and Dr. Gunther Machu (HOERBIGER) at MEHRER Compression GmbH in Balingen / Germany. The group of 29 participants continued the day with a tour at MEHRER’s facilities, where the students learnt a lot about manufacturing, assembling and testing of compressors.

The second day started after a short trip by bus at the brewery „ROTHAUS“ in the Black Forest / Germany. Many details of MEHRER-compressors in operation could been seen there. Presentations of brewery technology and the needs of reciprocating compressors in the process industry followed. In the afternoon all has a scenic tour through Southern Germany and the beautiful Swiss alpes.

The LONZA AG is one of the most important producers of chemicals in Europe. During the third day the group visited their factory in Visp / Switzerland where nearly 100 reciprocating compressors of different makes and duties are in use. Dr. Tom Walisch (LONZA) gave an interesting lecture about „The role of reciprocating compressors in the chemical industry“ and Andre Eijk / TNO about „Pulsations and Vibrations“.

Day number 4 was spent in Winterthur / Switzerland – the head quarter of BURCKHARDT COMPRESSION. Two informative presentations have been given by Luzi Valar (Burckhardt): „Compressor wear parts“ and by Rainer Dübi (Burckhardt): „ Hyper compressors – fundamentals“. The hype of the whole workshop was a facility-tour at BURCKHARDT, seeing the assembling of hypers and other big „animals“ as well as the related manufacturing lines.
Last but not least, Konrad Klotsche (TU Dresden) introduced the homework to the students group and gave a few helpful tips.

The participating students had been more than happy learning and seeing so much within this few days. They felt confident of managing the EFRC-homework within the scheduled time frame and were pretty keen in winning the first prize „Training course at GE in Florence / Italy“.
Late evening at the Stuttgart airport the time was ripe to say bye-bye to each other. Everybody travelled back home to the home universities in Vienna, Dresden, Dortmund, Madrid, Malaga, Cadiz, Florence, Pisa, Moscow, Murmansk, Delft, Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw.